Artists Take on Pokémon GO Team Leaders!.

It's only been days since the Pokémon GO Team Leaders have been announced but artists have already drawn a ton of fan art!
As Pokémon Go continues to be released in different regions, players have gotten increasingly passionate about their teams - Valor, Mystic, and Instinct! At long last, we’ve gotten a little insight into their leaders: Candela, Blanche, and Spark respectively. (Well, at the very least we’ve gotten real character art!)

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People have been having a blast with these character designs, and the personalities people are attaching to each character are apparent in the ridiculous amount of fanart! Check out a few of our favorites, beginning with Team Valor!
Team Valor’s Candela looks like a serious battle-ready master who’s fierce and noble enough to handle Moltres!
Candela is intense. Time to cool off with the chill and mysterious leader of Team Mystic! Blanche has a very wise and proud confidence.

also headcanon that blanche is the shortest because why nOT
Lastly, the easy-to-love leader of Team Instinct: Spark! Representing Zapdos’ team, he’s winning fans over pretty quickly with an undeniable charm.
What do you think, Trainers? Feeling pretty good about your Team choice?
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